I'm Selling a basically NEW DJI Spark, with a Remote Controller, Three Batteries and Load of new Propellers. Also has 4x 3D printed Propeller Guards, a USB type C Charger Link Cable and the Original Drone Case.

I realized that a drone won't work for my construction company as our sites don't allow drones. So i'm selling everything AS NEW.

A refurbished DJI Spark with less accessories will set you back R9200.00 from Drone World, and those drones are far more used. I've only flown this drone for maybe 4 Hours total! All original boxes are included.

I paid:

R8000.00 for the DJI Spark

R2400.00 for the remote

R895.00 x 2 for the Extra Batteries

R2000.00 for the spare propellers

R300.00 for the Link Cable

A total of R14 490.00!


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