centurion geyser installation is not mass produced but rather a proudly handmade manufacturing process, totally customized geyser control unit that offers its users total control over their geysers. We at centurion geyser installations believe in simplistic total control and easy installation, all our units are “Plug & Play”.

centurion geyser installations has centered its research on the objective of offering a cost effective way to manage your hot water systems. With each unit being tailored to your specific needs, you can be assured that you are only paying for what you need.

While this technology is not a new concept, we offer smart phone control and a platform that offers ease of access and hassle free manageability that surpasses many other home automation systems on the market.

As this system is controlled via a home network it is simple and easy to connect to your home internet network and can be remotely controlled with a smart phone with a data connection. This way, no matter where you are, home or out on the town, you can always stay in control of your centurion geyser installations no matter where you are.

We at centurion geyser installations understand the strain a hot water system can put on a utility bill, this is why we have installed a scheduling system with temperature control capabilities to ensure you have complete control over your system. This way you can be assured that your geyser will always be at the right temperature and only on when you need it to be.

centurion geyser installations ensures you have complete control, saving you time and money.
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