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Infrared Thermometers. An infrared thermometer infers temperature by measuring the thermal radiation that an object emits. This means that temperatures can be measured at a distance, without having to be in direct contact with the object.  Infrared thermometers have good accuracyEvery infrared thermometer has a "distance-to-spot" (D:S) ratio that tells you the diameter of the area being measured compared to the distance from the target. For example, if your thermometer has a distance-to-spot ratio of 12:1, it measures an approximately one-inch-diameter spot when it's 12 inches from the target (about 2.5 cm at 30 cm). If you try to use that thermometer to measure a two-inch (5-cm) area from even just a few feet (1 m) away, you're not going to get an accurate result because the thermometer will also be measuring the temperature outside the area you want to measure.
Distance-to-spot ratios vary a lot (from about 1:1 on the least expensive thermometers to about 60:1 on top-of-the-line models) and vary slightly with distance, so be sure to check the label on your thermometer or in the manual.
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