Canamere Aruca™

Aruca is a 100% natural, proprietary combination supplement, refered to as a 'foundational supplement', and Canamere's design behind this product was to support you foundationally and according to the main pillars of stress the body takes by living in a modern industrial culture. Aruca™ is a complex scientific formula that has combined a medley of unique plant characteristics in a nutritional, capsulated form, ready to easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.

Aruca™ supports:
1. The health of the building blocks of the body (telomeres, cellular matrix and cell membrane).
2. Organ function through regeneration and adaptogenic ability (for anxiety, stress, focus and/or mood support)
3. Tissue rejuvenation and overall mobility, recovery and anti-ageing
   (a) seeing hair and nails grow faster, this same tonic & conditioning effect counts for your entire organ system.
   (b) supporting the body’s regulation of inflammation, as well as nerves & circulatory system by using extracted nutrients known to speed up the repair of body tissues damaged by a modern lifestyle challenges.

13 plant extractions were used to synchronise the formula’s over all body support while being safe for daily use. Drink three capsules per day to get you through the day like a champion, be it as a full time parent, a full time corporate slave or an active go-getter wanting to get more from both physical and mental recovery & performance.

Through Aruca™, provide your body daily help with:

* Anxiety & Stress
* Immune Function
* Anti-Ageing & LibidoEnergy, Mood & Focus
* Blood Vessels & Nerves
*Pain & Inflammation Management

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