Buy and Sell Your way to the Top
Buy Essential Plumbing Products
Buy the following in demand Products:
*Stainless Steel Flexi Hoses
*Victorian Luxury Taps
*Brass Rings
*Kwikot Stainless Steel Steel Products
Sell to
Hotels, Lodges, Guesthouses, Plumbers, Builders, Estate Agents, Property Developers
Sales Potential:
1.) if you sell 200 flexi hoses per week
= R300 000 in Sales !!!
2.) if you sell 200 Brass Rings per day
= R600 000 in Sales !!!
3.) if you sell 8 Victorian Luxury Taps per day
= 1 million rand in Sales !!!
# 1 Good Deal after another becomes a Good Life:
Martin van Eeden
(Lord of the Brass Rings)
Whatsapp: 073 887 1039

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