**Touchless Infrared Thermometer**
This product can measure body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the forehead and hair of the human body. The user only needs to point the detector at the forehead and press the measurement key to measure the body temperature.

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1. High precision infrared sensor.
2. Strong environmental temperature adaptability. 3.3 Automatically save the last measured value.
3. Large LCD screen, high brightness backlight.
4. Two temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit, are optional.
5. Automatic power-off and energy saving.
6. Clean and sanitary: non-contact forehead temperature measurement, measuring distance 3cm, no contact with human skin, to prevent cross infection.
7. Multi group memory: it can store 50 groups of measurement data for analysis and comparison.
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21 - 100 (Quantity) -> R880.00 incl.VAT
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Smart Thermometer (Health App + User Management) -> R1,890.00 Incl.VAT
Handheld Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Fever Screening for Body Temperature) -> R18,000.00 Incl.VAT
Thermal Camera Imaging (Body Temperature) & Facial Recognition (Fever Screening Solution) -> R25,000.00 Incl.VAT
Thermal Imaging Camera / Fever Screening Solution (Portable for Public Spaces) -> R38,000.00 Incl. VAT
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