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TEGREEN CAPSULES (Made of 100% organic green tea leaves and are 98% caffeine free.) Do you want the GREAT health benefits that green tea provides, but hate the taste of it? Try our TEGREEN CAPSULES, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the market. IF you suffer from: ???? Headaches ???? Tirednes...

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Mud mask

GLACIAL MARINE MUD MASK This organic mask Nurture skin with a substantial matrix of beneficial components and trace elements. Benefits: ???? Skin healing mud, perfect for normal to dry skin. ???? Exfoliates dead skin cells ???? Draws out impurities and toxins ???? Rejuvenates damaged and troubled sk...

R450.00 read more November 8, 2019
Skin Rejuvination

Pure Organic Skin Whitening/Lightening formula , Effectively and Efficient Results .Black spots, pimples, blemishes.(STRENCH MARKS) Permanently no-side Effects, ANTI AGEING POTION. Available Use,IVORY CAPS PILL and BI+COS Cream. *Post mail order delivery accepted *Call OR WHATSAPP; +27658390362

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Bosidin home hair removal device

Unwanted, barely used birthday gift. Price negotiable. Do your own laser at the comfort of your home.

R1,700.00 read more October 4, 2019
ageLOC® Galvanic Body Trio

The ageLOC® Galvanic Body Trio package contains the new ageLOC® Galvanic Body Spa unit and two advanced anti-ageing body products, ageLOC Body Shaping Gel and ageLOC® Dermatic Effects, for a more contoured, smoother and firmer looking body.

R3,900.00 read more September 14, 2019
LSD Blotters, Pills, Sheets available now

LSD Blotters, Pills, Liquid, Sheets available now We are legit supplier of all LSD products and in all forms. We do 100% discreet and safe shipping/Delivery to all location. contact for more details. (

R5,850.00 read more September 9, 2019
Laser liposuction, cavitation & skin care machine

Perfect for fat burning. Lose cm within a week. Good for home and spa use. Skin tightening to remove wrinkles and fab skin. Burn fat. Tone body, etc.

R5,500.00 read more August 21, 2019
Derma skin care products 0611677312

for pimples ,dark spots ,skin rushes ,stretch marks ,smooth skin,wrinkles and any skin diseases .get rid pimples,dark marks around eyes and ankles ,stretch marks ,uneven tone skin,acne scars ,pigment,premature wrinkling ,dry rough and scary skin with denima skin care products. It gives any skin new ...

R1,300.00 read more July 15, 2019
weight loss challenge

SOLUTIONS WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE. thanks for your interest in the weight loss challenge. the challenge is an 8-week period. No diet needed but it’s up to you for quicker results. the Product is called Saics Solution Drops. basically 10 drops in the morning and 10 at night. i have been on them for 2 we...

East London
R500.00 read more July 10, 2019
solutions weight loss drops

today marks the 2 weeks date since i started solutions weight loss drops so far i have lost 15 cm and 1.25 kgs and still going strong. no diets or eating plans just everyday to day eating and drinking. all products are a 2 month supply and are natural, safe for breast feeding, diabetics and high blo...

East London
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Denima Brightening, Whitening and Lightening Skin products call on +27784024696

Do you have black spots, pimples, dark marks around your eyes and ankles, acne scars use Brighton body clearing cream, pills, soap. it removes pimples and reduces the appearance of dark spots on your body, it works with in days and has no side effect on your skin. for more information call or whats ...

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