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The Smart light can be used for many different purposes, camping, a desk study lamp, night lamp, maybe perhaps when the lights are off in an emergency? A much safer and reliable alternative ☺????!!!

An Elegant Lamp, with 3 different modes:

1) Mode 1 is the candle light function... While this mode is on you can adjust the intensity of the light by simply touching on top of the lamp... This mode is mainly used as an alternative to candles.

2) Mode 2 has different colour lights, select which is best for you!!

3) Mode 3 moves according to the rhythm of the music...

Another great feature, is that it has a built in speaker... how great is that? Supports, Bluetooth, SD Card, AUX... connect it to you other smart devices and just enjoy your music... Watching a movie? Why not enhance your experience by connecting your speaker????????????

A device that is multifunctional and can multitask ????????????

The device is 12cm in height and 10cm in diameter. It is a rechargeable and last up to 4 hours dependent on usage... contact for additional information.

Do not get disappointed, Order yours while stocks last!!! Courier is offered around South Africa!!! Courier will be done once a week. New stock!!!

Contact: 079 330 8981.... WhatsApp, call...
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