Start your own slimming business

This Lumislim Laser Lipo Machine was imported from the UK.

Possible income of over R50 000 per month

Average cost per 30 minute session: R250

Selling due to emigration

The machine includes:

6 x large 650nm laser paddles + 2 extra to be placed on fat area

2 small laser paddles to be placed on lymph nodes

Emergency trip switch

Straps to hold the paddles in place

SEO Website (features 1st on Google when searching for Laser Lipo Cape Town)

Facebook page with 4.8 star rating and over 1472 organic likes


Quick and easy training

Can be taken off the trolley for easy transportation

Why Lumislim?

Immediate results

Completely safe

No starvation diets

Pain free treatment

No gel or consumables needed

A non surgical and safe alternative to liposuction

Lipo Laser is a safe and effective way to lose fat fast. It's especially effective on problem areas where it takes forever to lose centimeters.

Lipo Laser works with a cold laser that mimics a hormone called Epinephrine also known as adrenaline giving it easy access to the fat cells that are usually inaccessible due to bad blood circulation. The lasers break down the contents of the fat cells releasing them into the interstitial space where they are absorbed by your body in a natural and healthy way.

If you think about the way that diets work, when you starve yourself, your body starts absorbing the fat that is stored. The problem with this is that when you start eating normally again your matabolism adapts by packing on the fat, as it goes into "survival mode" just in case it is starved again. This causes you to gain even more weight after these starvation diets end.

Laser lipo makes the body break down the fat without causing a 'seesaw'' effect with your metabolism, making it easier to maintain the weight that has been lost.

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