New Style for two people use

1. Two-way operation;
2. Ion purification foot care health care function (5 models).
3. far infrared bamboo charcoal belt weight loss function (5 models).
4. Independent dual-screen LCD display;
5. Positive and negative ion band display

Set Includes:

1. Main machine x1
2. Wrist belt x 2 pcs
3. Array (black or white) x 2 pcs
4. FIR belt x 2 pcs
5. TENS pads
6. Power supply (USA/European Standard) x1
7. User Manual x1
8. Color box x1

-- Removes toxins and body waste products that can cause health problems
-- Helps clear up bad skin
-- Helps inactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungus
-- Positive effect on weight loss (Assists in weight loss)
-- Headache Relief - Assists in clearing up headache problems
-- Slows down aging and improves body flexibility
-- Rejuvenates and energizes your whole body
-- Enhances Nutrient Absorption
-- Heavy Metals Removal
-- Increase Your Energy
-- Help with Faster Recovery Time for Disease and Injury
-- Increased Oxygen in Your Body
-- Helps Relieves Pain and Tension

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